About Sanskriti

Good is always good, and no matter what it is always appreciated.

Ever since childhood Colors, Embroidery and Craft lured me. I always seeked for decoration and ornamentation. As a kindergarten teacher for 5 years in a reputed school in Mumbai, I always decorated my classroom with innovativeness... innovativeness extended to teaching and managing too.

My initial days in South Carolina were filled with awe by the people. They awed my clothes!!! Always complimented for anything and everything that I draped on. The same saga continued when I moved to Jacksonville, FL.

On my shopping spree in India, I started imagining how a certain person would look in this Saree or that Salwar Suit. I wanted to buy everything for everybody here. It was then I realized that this dream was achievable if I start a boutique where people would have access to all the best clothes from India as well as they have the liberty to choose.

Necessity is the mother of invention and voila "Sanskriti" was born. It stands proud to be the first boutique serving ethnic clothing for women in Jacksonville, FL.

Today "Sanskriti" houses all the nicer styles that one may find in a big departmental store or boutique in India. Besides Kurtis under $20, Sarees under $100, Salwar Suits under $75; "Sanskriti" is also proud to be associated with labeled designer wear serving the higher end clients.

It was a tough road. Goodness was what kept me going. A strong belief that I am doing right and my items are good and at a good price, helped me sustain all the storms.

Truth Prevails - "Satyameva Jayate".