Custom Made Designs

Send your dream design picture

Many clients get new idea from customers itself. Customers always want something new or search for some new opportunities. Sanskriti Boutique will help in making the designs as per your need. Any customer who has a designer dream about some design can send us that design.

Gathering Material

As per need of customers Sanskriti Boutique will find all the raw materials which will include things like fabric,color,decorative things,buttons,laces and many more.

Cutting and Stiching

As per the design suggested by customer. We will prepare the blueprint of same. Once blueprint is ready we get extra idea of the design dress. In same manner cutting of material is done and it is properly stiched.

Final Touchup

Any material get good look or attractive look only when it is decorated properly. Decorating is nothing but giving final touch-up. It includes using things like Laces,buttons,and many more things.


Once the order is ready we take each and every precautions so that the order is shipped to the customer properly and in time.